100% México

We are a familiy from Puerto Escondido and we would love to meet you.

Natural idea

We like to do things in a sustainable, regenerative and ecological way.

Feels like home

We offer what every traveller needs from time to time: a home away from home.

Coworking Space

Yes! We do have stable and solid Internet to get things done.


We offer a daily breakfast menu from 35 - 80 pesos. Air condition is optional as many guests prefer to have the choice.

Private space 550$/day

  • 1-2 people (+100$/person/day)
  • Private bathroom
  • Swimming pool
  • Air conditioning (+150$/day)

4 bed Dorm 140$/day

  • Locker
  • Shared bathroom
  • Swimming pool
  • Free Hugs :)

Private basic 450$/day

  • 1-2 people / fixed price
  • Private bathroom
  • Swimming pool
  • Air conditioning (+150$/day)

Private+ 650$/day

  • 1-2 people (+100$/person/day)
  • Private bathroom / Kitchen
  • Swimming pool
  • Air conditioning (+150$/day)

Flat 800$/day

  • 1-2 people (weekly/monthly)
  • Private bathroom, kitchen, lounge
  • Swimming pool
  • Air conditioning (+150$/day)

All prices are in mexican pesos. Please ask for our variable prices in high season: Semana Santa / Vacaciones (School holidays) / Navidad (Christmas) / Año nuevo (New Year)


We started back in 2008. The name Losodeli is a mix of our names: my sisters Lore, Soraya, Denisse and me, Liz. We are from Puerto Escondido and still live here. We want to look after our environment and the beaches of Puerto Escondido.
  • 2008

    Support our vision

    We are continuously trying to rethink and improve our methods to attain our vision to do things in a sustainable, regenerative and ecological way.

  • 2015

    Solar Energy

    From every person that stays we are slowly saving enough money to set up an energy system that will be fully solar powered. Join our vision to be a regenerative home for travellers.

  • 2017

    94% Overallranking

    “En tu casa” - You will find sleep, clean facilities, a safe environment and a lovely place to get know to other travellers from all over the world.

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